Terms and Conditions

Wokstar Terms of Entry

  • The judge’s decision is final, we will not enter into any discussion, correspondence or debate once winners are announced
  • Competitors must not be assisted by a third party once the competition commences
  • Lecturers and other students and college staff may assist in the setting up of the kitchen, but will be asked to leave 5 minutes before the competition commences
  • The college hosting the event must have sufficient kitchen space and suitable equipment to host the event, we will provide woks for each competitor
  • Each venue will be responsible for safeguarding and the health and safety of the competitors and judges
  • The competition organisers will not be held responsible for any breakages or damages incurred during the competition
  • Each venue will be responsible, along with the competitors to ensure the kitchen and other space used by competitors or judges is clean on arrival and departure
  • The cleanliness of the kitchen after the competition will be the responsibility of the venue
  • All competitors must be registered on the colleges ILR, proof of enrolment may be requested
  • Costs will be reimbursed to a maximum of £40 per registered student or £400, this is a contribution towards covering food for practising and travel for the 17th June for all competitors. Payment will be made once all details of competitors are received.
  • All correspondence for the competition will be carried out via the website where you can find out email addresses and contact numbers
  • Colleges will be required to provide two local judges, they will be briefed by the competition chair of judges on the day
  • Timing of the competition, dates and timings will be agreed by you and the chair of judges.
  • Ingredients for the dessert must include one Chinese inspired ingredient.
  • The CPD prize for the lecturer is to be redeemed for 6 guests at the chefs table, the prize is food only additional dishes will be charged for the CPD value is £750
  • On the day of the heat four sets of recipes for the dessert must be submitted to the judges, one each for the day and one to be retained by the chair
  • A photographer will be in attendance during the competition, he or she will photograph each dish and capture the day with images taken throughout the day, the images will be supplied to you after the 17th June


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