The Competition

Kung Pao Cauliflower
Entry to the Wokstar 2022 Competition

Heats will take place during May 2022 with the final taking place at Lu Ban Liverpool on Friday the 17th June, the final will be an interview with the principal judges and a ceremony broadcast to Tainjin China.

Every competitor and lecturer will be invited to attend and enjoy a dumpling and canape reception at Lu Ban.

6 heats, 60 student chefs with a prize £3,000* for the overall winning student and a CPD prize for the winning lecturer,* students who serve the best cold dish, hot dish and dessert* will be award a trophy on the day of the heats, along with the overall winner.

A contribution to food costs to compete and for travel for the final will be made to each college*, we will supply woks and recipes to follow along with a chefs jacket and apron and certificates for all entrants.

The competition

Each student will create two dishes from the cookery book Cherry Blossom by Dave Critchely along with a dessert with influences of Chinese food.

Competitors will have three hours to prepare cook and serve their three dishes and will be judged against preparation skills, hygiene, professional conduct, cookery skills and technique, presentation skills, taste texture, seasoning and general culinary knowledge.

Colleges will provide the kitchen space suitable equipment and a designated judges room for tasting and deliberation.

What will the judges be looking for

Judges will be looking for culinary and professional skills this includes preparation skills, hygiene, professional conduct, cookery, presentation skills and taste texture and seasoning. During the competition chefs will be asked about the ingredients and why they chose their dessert and what influenced it.


If you are a heat winner (one of six), you will be interviewed by an expert panel, on the 17th June, the judging panel will be made of business leaders they will explore your aspirations for your career, your food knowledge, your course and how you enjoy college learning and the competition.

Lu Ban Food
Lu Ban wine room
17th June Grand final

Finalists will arrive at Lu ban Liverpool for 10:30 am, on arrival they will be met by the chair of judges, finalist will be interviewed by the principal judges for 15 minutes.

At 12 noon all other competitors, judges, sponsors and VIPS will arrive at Lu Ban, food will be served to all guests, a live broadcast will take place between Liverpool, and China and the winner announced.

The event will close at 3pm, those wishing to stay for dinner can book via the website with a discount code, dinner will be available from 5:00pm

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